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Модераторы: Дурц, Эцилоппы

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A wonderfully minimalistic, absolutely anti-utopic dark sci-fi comedy., 10 April 2000
Author: Ildjarn from Magadan, Russia

"Kin-dza-dza" is a cult movie in Russia - and, in fact, it deserves this status completely, being an absolutely unique, minimalistic and freaky science fiction flick. Completely fantastic - and did I mention minimalistic? - art direction, excellent casting, and, of course, an anti-utopic plot that had miraculously slipped by the Soviet censorship, make this movie a true classic.

Mr. Spielberg, eat your heart out. All that "Light and Magic", and you still never came close to doing anything like this.

I Koo'd for ages after seeing this film!, 26 February 2003
Author: SadGeezer from Preston UK

This is truly a great film. Unfortunately the only way I could see it was to marry a Russian :) It's low budget and the graphics are crappy, but the writing and acting are quite superb! This is a little known Russian Sci Fi Classic and all serious sci fi fans should see it.

It's a story of some unlikely geezers who travel to another place through an unlikely looking portal/gizmo. There they meet other humanoids whose language consists of one word spoken with telepathic nuances. The whole communication idea is a cracker and there are some very funny scenes. If you like your sci fi innovative this is a MUST see!

I'd rate this a whopping 47,452 out of 10

One of the best and the most unusual Russian movies ever made, 3 January 2004

Author: Efenstor from Krasnoyarsk, Russia

"If it would be not you I would never approve this tommyrot". That's what the minister said to George Daneliya when he asked to approbate the screenplay of "Kin Dza Dza!". This film is so unusual and stylish that it cannot be compared with anything else. It's one of my favorite movies upsides of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson". Though several moments in the film can be understood only by Russians it is too impressively original to leave any viewer indifferent. This movie is more that just a fiction, it contains many hidden messages the most of which can be understood only by those who know what a typical Russian young man (Gedevan) and a typical worker (Uncle Vova) of the end of 80's is.

Brilliant Sci-Fi comedy, 23 January 1999

Author: D-V from San Jose, California

Not as dead serious as Blade Runner. Not as neon and air-conditioned as Brazil. It's not Earth, dear. It's planet Pluke. Dusty, rusty, dirty.

Amazing technology. To any point of the Universe - in five seconds flat. Unless someone borrowed one vital part of your engine without asking.

Interesting society. Everyone can read each other's mind. And still be able to lie.

A story of two Earthlings trying to get home from the cruel lying cheating stealing world of the galaxy Kin-Dza-Dza.

Definitely worth watching. Is there a subtitled copy available? I have no idea

Just a wonderful movie! 10 March 2005

Author: Stanislav Rasovsky from Russian Federation

Georgiy Daneliya created one of the brightest "anti-utopia" films in the history of cinema. Modesty of decorations with the interest is completed by the imagination of director and by the bright game of actors. "Keen-dza-dza" occurs the complex and multidimensional peace, which lives according to its, sufficiently simple and intelligible laws.

The inhabitants of the planet "Plyuk" have long ago mastered intergalactic overflights, but their lexical reserve consists in all of two words. But the system of authority and subordination is reduced to the color of pants, which you bear, and what flame lights up on the small machine - green or orange.

There is another extreme: the highly developed inhabitants of alpha convert their neighbors into the plants, because "by them so it is better". In both cases - possible future of humanity, without the bright specials-effect, but complete of humor, irony and sarcasm.

The very last Classic Movie of the Soviet era, 24 August 2004

Author: cirrusminor from Ekaterinburg

Definitely the last unconditionally good movie created on the territory of former USSR. Wish we now had at least one movie of the same quality a year shot in Russia. Like true vintage - gets on you more brilliant with each new watching - genius stuff, no overestimation at all. Too bad it was shot in Russia and thus unaccessible for 90% of the world viewers. Absolutely universal, all-human all eras significance, though.

Must-see stuff. Eternal issues of human value, dignity, absurdness of vanity and money-seeking all displayed in special humorous comic way. Numerous satirical social and political allusions that paradoxically will fit in any era or regime. My personal Top-10 favorite, definitely!

Mama-mama, chto ya budu delat'...Koo, or should I say Kyu.., 10 August 2000
Author: (grob248@aol.com) from Los Angeles, USA

There isn't much I have to say about "Kin Dza Dza" that hasn't been said by the previous reviewers. But I like this movie so much that I could not resist throwing in my two cents. Yea, it's primitively, or, as someone has pointed out, minimalistically done, so don't expect any special effects. But you know what, who needs them when the movie is that good. The galaxy "Kin Dza Dza" is the slums of the universe, and it shows us our alternate, post-apocalyptic future with a great sense of humor, pantomime and sarcasm. Great cast too. Lyubshin, Leonov and Yakovlev do a fine job here. Since the film's director is Georgian, some Georgian gags were thrown in as well. Oh, and did anyone notice Dyadya Vova's and Gedevan Aleksandrovich's renditions of Frank Sinatra's songs? "Blade Runner," "Brazil," "The Road Warrior," and, to a lesser extent, Luc Besson's "The Final Combat" are all considered to be the classics of the post-apocalyptic, anti-utopian movie worlds. Well, you can add "Kin Dza Dza" to this list.

Hidden Ideas on Pluk, 20 February 1999

Author: Thalan from Moscow, Russia

Kin-dza-dza is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. One of my friends said that it was the Russian version of Star Wars, although I feel that it surpasses Star Wars in many ways. The basic plot of the movie is that two Russians (A Muscovite who was out to buy some pasta and a Geargian trying to return a violin) get transported to another planet (Pluk) because they pressed some buttons on a mashinka-peremishenia. Pluk is a desert planet and the movie revolves around the two guys trying to get back to earth. However, I feel that it has several ideas, which you don't get hit in the face with when you watch the movie. The first is that, although the society seems primitive, it has a lot of technology (pepelaz, gravitzapa, making phone calls between planets...). I feel that this is saying that we can't really judge anything until we know everything about it. Another idea which was present a lot during the movie was that Pluk may resemble post-apocalyptic Earth. During the movie we see many earth-like structures like small ships and skyscrapers buried in the sands. The remains of carnivals and the remains of a once great civilization. But what if the civilization never disappeared? What if it degenerated to this state? Could we, citizens of earth, turn our oceans into fuel for out space ships? Another thing, what is the difference between having patzaki sing in cages and have birds sing in cages? Finally, PZH is a leader, who just sits in a pool all day, he doesn't really do anything. Like kings from a time ago. This may just be another thing symbolic with degeneration. Nonetheless, I found the movie funny and enjoyable, even if you aren't looking for hidden ideas.

Great thinking movie, 3 March 2005

Author: nemo6321 from United States

One of my favorite best. Saw it when if first came out in theaters, and then saw it again and again... The film-making is very good, however the technical problems with camera work and poor quality of the film itself did not help. Slow and deliberate pacing at times this movie gets under your skin if you are paying attention. Open mind for this movie is a must. What makes this movie great is unbelievable social satire. In short, you got to see it several times to believe it. This movie forced critical thinking in USSR circa 1986, and it still makes you ponder things in US circa 2005. Dealing with humanistic topics such as social hierarchy, lowest common denominator, human resilience and so on, this movie should be recognized on par with the classics of Felini and Tarkovsky.

Most unusual movie of all time, 11 July 2006

Author: voshkin-1 from United Kingdom

English/American culture (for the most part) tends to be rather reclusive, for example, there are virtually no foreign language songs on the radio. Because of this, many classics are missed, simply because people do now know about them.

This movie is the best example of a great classic unknown. If it would be made it Brittan in the sixties, it would have defiantly achieved cult status, and be widely regarded as all-time sci-fi classic. Alas, it is in Russian, and made at the end of the cold war, and therefore virtually unknown outside of the former Soviet Union.

The movie is full of wonderfully black humour (if you are higher up on the social scale, you sleep on a bed without nails, and they cannot beat you in the middle of the night), desert world with rusted metal structures, and wonderfully eccentric telepathic aliens with bizarre social structures.

This movie is truly a must see – a word of warning however, this is so far from a Hollywood movie, it is it's evil twin. Unlike Hollywood it has: A story Strong characters Crap special effects Complete lack of "touchy feely"

To get the best experience: 1. find subtitled version 2. find a Russian to watch it with you

Do you want to laugh about capitalism in another planet? 30 June 2006

Author: joalogon (joalogon@yahoo.es) from Spain

Please, before seeing this film, let your political ideologies outside the room and just prepare to laugh with this original pearl.

It's fairly unknown outside Russia, and sometimes I wonder if I'm the only Spaniard having seen it....I hope not, such a pity!.

This film is a complete classic in Russia and has even transformed local talking, so don't be surprised if you walk one day by the streets of Moscow and you see two friends who meet and say "Koo!" each other, or if someone is bothering and he is sent away by an "Violinist players, we don't need them!".

The story is fantastic and engaged. It's one of those films who makes you laugh and sit for a while thinking about life. Maybe you don't agree to everything but is worth the reflexion. The filming is direct and simple (you're going to laugh, but not for the same reasons, special effect's lovers) and the acting is superb.

One of the best comedies ever made in Russia.

it was rather Ku even I did not expect it would be so Ku! 22 April 2005

Author: eivan-1 from Slovakia

I watched it together with my wife and my friend and we all were positively shocked. If you do not need that fancy color Hollywood effects, but you prefer real story, excellent and a little bit absurd humor combined with sci-fi theme, this is for you. Characters are brilliant and the story has unexpected surprises.

It starts when 2 Russian men meets a bit strange guy who says he is from another planet and asks for coordinates. Of course, they do not believe him so he shows little device which works as a interplanetary transport. One man presses a button on the device what immediately takes two Russian guys to a place looking like desert. And then it starts, strange funny flying machine appears, strange funny 'humans' speaks strange funny language, make strange funny gestures..and those Russian guys start to think what the heck happened...BTW: Ku means.....watch it and you'll see :)

Star Wars meets Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, 17 April 2006

Author: gceomer from Brussels, Belgium

I can't believe this movie has been out for twenty years, and no one in the US has ever heard of it. I wish the studio that owns the rights would release it on DVD, and allow many American critics to see one of the great Russian masterpieces of film. I first saw this film on the IMDb Top 50 Sci-fi poll, and decided to give it a try. I was able to locate it online, and within a few days it had finished downloading. Until they release this on DVD with English subtitles, downloading the movie is really you're only option (unless you are Russian). It shouldn't be too hard to find, however, just be patient.

Anyway, this film is a complete joy! All of the characterizations are perfect, and the film's gritty futuristic feeling is a mix of Star Wars, Blade Runner and Rosencrantz and Guidenstern Are Dead. I can't recommend this film enough! It's a smart, funny and brilliant piece of cinema that I hope finds its niche before its too late.

Fantastic - best no English language film ever, 5 July 2005

Author: justicerulesok from United Kingdom

This has basic but effective special effects, good acting & is one of the best films ever made. It's just not in English, but get over it. This film made me laugh out loud, I was also very impressed by what the Russians could do. The relationship between the main characters and aliens who can only say coo-coo is very representative of our miss understanding of the language on screen. There are also a few people who look familiar (but probably arn't)which is a little distracting. There is a chase scene - which reminded me of a benny hill sketch. The basic idea however translates to many countries & works even now 20 years later. If you do get the chance, please do go & see this film.

It's Ku! 9 April 1999

Author: grendel-28 from Mad City, WI

For once it should be easy to subtitle - apart from two-three dialogues in Russian the rest of the movie is in Chatlanian, a great language I'd wish on Tolstoy - there are like 10 words in it at all. A great parable worth of Anouilh, masterly photographed and acted (a star cast by all accounts).

True masterpiece, 10 March 2006

Author: volodp from Czech Republic

This is one of the movies which, though at first could be underestimated, have very deep meaning in them. Some of the problems that it touched on are still very alive today. I could compare this movie with the work of Tarkovsky but with added grain of humor and a grain of bitterness. Now what I'm not sure about though is if viewers who don't know Soviet times too well would ever appreciate the subjects of this movie as its real meaning can easily be lost behind the extravagance and surrealism of the pictured events. Additionally, translating the text into other languages would probably negate most of the hidden meaning.

To give my understanding of the movie for those who cannot see it, it depicts the stupidity of the artificial social relationships. It shows how hard it can be for the person from outside to understand the social system which is well established and well understood by its participants. One more important thought is how little things like money or social status mean as soon as one falls out the normal way of life.

Respectable "ku" in a world of "kyu", 10 October 2005

Author: Andrei Pavlov from Archangel, Russia

There is no wish to start review with usual "blah-blah-blah". This movie is a great "ku" in its genre. All the rest features among sci-fi comedies seem to be "kyu". Hope, everybody understands what is meant here. If not - don't even bother.

Maybe, the purpose of the whole Soviet/Russian cinematography (or even the worldwide cinema) was to create this "ku" of a movie. Did not get it while being a schoolboy, while it was still funny as hell. Now the idea is closer. It has brains, it has wit, and it has heart. It is very likely that anyone who sees this movie will soon reconsider and reshuffle his or her evaluation of the movies released.

Mr Georgi Daneliya, big "ku" (with a high tone) to you. It is magnificent to be Russian because it is our film. This DVD is to be spun over and over till the end of time.

10 out of 10 - outstanding post-modern art. Thanks for attention.

great political satire, 1 August 2005

Author: gynter from Estonia

This sci-fi movie will neither impress you with special effects (they are of the 1960s Hollywood science fiction film level) nor will you find stunning scenery or outstanding dramatic acting. It is the plot, the story that makes this film absolutely brilliant. Picture this: two Soviet citizens, a middle-aged engineer and a young musician are magically transferred onto another planet. The new surroundings do have weird and advanced technical gadgets, but the whole society model is totally barbarian and autocratic. The two heroes quickly adopt the new system and with help of their survival practices they were used at in the Soviet Union they try to make their way back home. While the movie went out already during the Gorbatchov glasnost period, it is still amazing the film made it through the censorship regulations. P.S. I bet it will lose half of it's charm when translated into English.

It's the pure irony over the Soviet realities, 21 March 2005

Author: Anton Ivanov from Russian Federation

It's the pure irony over the Soviet realities of late 70-s early 80-s of the 20 century. The movie is hardly interesting for those who are not familiar with the inside movements in the Soviet Union, or those idealists who see things as they want them to be (I've seen here some ideas from Israel - it's understood why the movie seemed strange to the foreigner). To my opinion the movie is brilliant, and got something similar to the Orwell's antiutopia, not that hard but rather satiric. It's specific lexicon is still creeps out in the speech of people when they talk about the government and their role in the civil society. Guess it's one of the best Russian movies ever made.

One of the best films ever made!, 18 September 2003

Author: Beatle5-2 from Washington, DC

This happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Directed impeccably by the great Georgiy Daneliya (who has made an incredible amount of excellent films --- one should see all of his movies), I find this film easy to watch over and over and over; I never get tired of it. This is a unique satire. On the one hand it is a wickedly funny comedy, and on the other, a sublime commentary on the world we live in. It is part science fiction and part allegory. An amazing film! The casting for this film is perfect. The roles are performed with no drawbacks at all and every detail is thought out perfectly. This is a must to see. And I have to meet a person who has not liked it. TEN STARS!

2 cgonzalezdelhoyo, 13 October 2006

Author: Tiger-lexx from Russian Federation

Do not behave like Chutlanin! U might be tranckluckated.=)))

Kin-dza-dza is standing so far from modern examples of cinematographic "art" that makes any comparison to be a nonsense.

It is not only a movie.It is kind of a filosophic ballad. Very smart,ironic and very humanistic one. As a rule,all of those "high-minded" pictures are pretty pretentious and bored. True. But "Kin-dza-dza" is so wit-minded and humorous that you can watch it a lot of times.As for you - cgonzalezdelhoyo - you are to see this film at least 10 times because its gonna be entertainment for your brain.I hope it helps you make difference between piece of garbage and piece of FINE ART!

Masterpiece of the greatest Director!, 7 July 2006

Author: vvk47 from Moscow,Russia

I was born in Tbilisi - it's the capitol of former Soviet republic Georgia. Georgi Nikolajevitch Danelija is Tbilisian too. In fact, it was some kind of luck for me to be born there - in the land of good-hearted people and great culture traditions. That's why I understand this film much more than ordinary Russian people. This is a film of great humor and satire, a film of those thin things running through Your soul when You remember Your childhood, Your urban friends, and, of course, Your Motherland.

There are some untranslated Georgian phrases in "Kin-dza-dza" - to show kinda relation between Gedevan (he is Georgian) and Uef - and some Georgian music motives ("Dim-pi-ty, dam-pi-ty").

Sci-fi?, 12 March 2006

Author: l_b_s from Russian Federation

First of all, sorry for my bad English. :) "Kin-dza-dza" is not a sci-fi at all, actually. This film just uses some stereotypes, the outer seeming of sci-fi. It's not a "classical" anti-utopia also. And it has little in common with "Star Wars". :) "Kin-dza-dza" is a kind of absurdism, in my opinion. Like Kafka or some of David Lynch works, for example… or rather "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and "Catch 22", in some (humorous) ways. "Kin-dza-dza" uses "reductio ad absurdum" method and surrealistic symbolism to help us open and clear our mind for new aspects, new point of view on human and society, and even humankind. If you understand that fact it helps you to understand the film.

Unfortunately it will be not so easy for non-Russian(/Soviet) audience to catch the degree of absurdism, symbolism and how to correlate them to reality. Especially, without high-quality translation and comments. But never say "never", as you know.

Don't know if there's enough reason to watch this for non-Russians..., 17 February 2006

Author: Oleg Semenov from Russian Federation

If you want to have an idea of what it is - well, it's a kind of Soviet HGTTG. However, the cultural basis of HGTTG (all this British towel-and-robe-and-almost-but-not-quite-entirely-unlike-tea stuff) is much easier to understand for an average Western person compared to the Soviet culture of this movie. Also, it's a much darker comedy compared to HGTTG - but I think everyone knows Russians rarely smile...

You expect it to be funny? No, there are too many cultural references, too many hard-to-translate jokes. And the available translations are hardly close to giving you a hint on what this movie is about. Maybe there exists a good translation somewhere, adapted to western world and still retaining the humor, but I haven't seen it yet.

You expect some good sci-fi? No, it's got crappy special effects, no action, and there are huge holes in the plot in everything relating to sci-fi. You will be cursing about stupid and illogical usage of things like "planet", "galaxy" and "instant travel" all the time. There's even less of sci-fi in it than in HGTTG.

However, if you're adventurous, open, if you want to learn something new, and if you like movies not for special effects but for the pieces of soul the directors, the writers and the actors put into them, and for their efforts to make you think - try this movie, it won't fail you.

Also, it is a cult classic in Russia, and millions of Russian fans just cannot be wrong :)

It's best to learn Russian first, of course :)

Smart, minimalistic, thought-provoking, original sci-fi tragicomedy, 1 February 2005

Author: heat48089 from Detroit, Michigan

"Kin-dza-dza" is a very dried-down and bare-bones when it comes to special effects and Hollywood-style gun battles with horned aliens a la 5th element or multi-million dollar hi-tech spectacles akin to AI, Minority Report. Yet it's got some very interesting plot, deep and very relevant ideas. I watched film in Russian, but I would imagine most non-Russian speakers would understand most of the movie, although they would miss out on some of the humor. Although very simply done, the movie's main strength, IMHO, is in its sublime parody of our own society's customs, values and ethics. That's why the film shot in 1986 is still as pleasant too watch in 2005 for a Russian kid who grew up in 90s and knows little about Soviet culture (unlike my parents, who are more intimate with it). Plot: too much's been said about it anyhow, so just watch it. IFF you think that you're into "smart" movies. But be warned, if you more accustomed to crazy gunfights and space-chases along the typical Hollywood save-the-universe plot with a bad-ass super-whooper hero knocking down hordes of dumb aliens_ this movie is not for you. But for someone interested in Russian culture, this flick is one of the jewels of Russian cinematography, along with "Brat", "Brat 2", "Osobennosti natsionalhoy ..." quadrilogy, and some of the "oldies" (classics).

One of the best anti-utopies in the world cinema, 16 October 1998

Author: Patrick-32 from Moscow, Russia

In my humble opinion, "Kin-Dza-Dza!" belongs to so-called "anti-utopies" (like "We" by E. Zamyatin or "1984" by G. Orwell), showing one of the possible ways of the development of human society - the planet Pluk turned into a desert because all the water was used as a source for "lutz" (fuel for "pepelatzes", i. e. starships); a society divided into two parts - two different races, Patzaks and Chatlans, who hate each other; a society where the status of a citizen is determined by the number of "katze" (matches) owned by him ("If I have a lot of katze, I have the right to wear crimson trousers, and every Patzak has to squat twice before me, and every Chatlan should make Ku to me, and no etzilopp (policeman) may beat me at night - never!"); a society where a person who does not squat before a hologram of PG (the dictator of the planet) is very likely to be put into an "etzikh" (a tin box) for the rest of his life, or even "tranclucated" (annihilated)... A sad perspective, isn't it?..

Outstanding sci-fi movie, 3 August 2007

Author: maha-online from Berlin, Germany

It is an outstanding movie! In order to really appreciate it, I had to see it twice. One of the themes is the Soviet Perestroika, but a lot of other themes are treated: friendship, social & cultural rituals, racism, bureaucracy, communication and many others. Moreover, the film is very sound from a Sci-Fi perspective: The machines look a bit old-fashioned, but there is nothing that isn't convincing. The behavior of the aliens seems to be odd at first sight, but after some time (and esp. if you watch the film more than once) it has a certain logic. The dialogs are very funny. The Moscovites' strategies how to tackle with the aliens and their culture are quite interesting.

one of the best films of my Native land, 7 August 2007

Author: Nik Ser from Russian Federation

To the person from Russia to speak about this film easier. I am pleasantly surprised, that this film is pleasant to foreigners. I also am pleasantly surprised, that foreigners protect this film from fools. Thanks! To look this film it is necessary slowly, it is necessary to listen and understand, that actors speak. In this film plays great Russian actor Leonov, play talented actors Yakovlev and Lyubshin. I wish to remind, that the native land of modern realistic actor's school is Russia.

The director of film - an outstanding director of cinema of the USSR. The brilliant script is written by the director together with Gabriadze.

It is very complex to look film with subtitles. But, in my opinion, it is a unique way to keep film in an original kind. Dear ladies and gentlemen! My advice: look this film, one of the best films of my Native land

There's nothing like it!, 5 February 2007

Author: O. R. from Hamburg, Germany

While it is easy to say what the film is, a satire about socialisation, it is extremely difficult to liken it to other films, which I'd actually loved to do in order to give the world an idea of what to expect. That'd be, in this case, a valuable service, since this is a very valuable, yet demanding film.

I've seen Russian films like the "national hunting"-series or "the diamond arm". They are not bad but neither extraordinary and in order to give you an idea of my view on things I'll liken them to "police academy" in the first and a mixture of "one, two, three" and "chumscrubber" in the second case (the "national hunting"-series starting at least a little better than its counterpart, while "the diamond arm" does of course not reach Wilder's level.)

Having this said, I'd like to say that Kin-Dza-Dza is the funniest and by far intellectually most serious comedy that I have ever seen. It is a thought experiment. What happens, if humanities biggest vice, envy, is lifted of it, while the second and third biggest vices, craving for recognition and to turn a blind eye to one's sense of honour, go unchecked. Without anything to honour everything becomes ku or kyu, the individual becoming a mere receiver of petting. That's the dark note that underlies the film, while its humour stems mostly from the brilliant depiction of the people's cravings for recognition.

I absolutely love this film and I absolutely love the acting in it. This is berserkly funny, yet discerning stuff.

The best film of all times and peoples, 19 October 2005

Author: an24 from Barnaul, Russian Federation

We live in a shell of the performances about the world. It is necessary to look by eyes upwards. There stars. And among stars the hardly perceptible sounding is audible: Mamma! Mamma! What I shall to do?.. In Russia this film went at cinemas in two series. Half of people left a hall in bewilderment after the first series. Other people sat and looked this film with the concealed breath. They became the admirers of this film after that. Kin-Dza-Dza this bitter prophecy of our future. And mirror of our present life. It is film is made during the Soviet Union. Socialism and Capitalism resisted and were ready to fatal fight. Than the war could be terminated? All vegetation would disappear? The animals would die out and the seas would disappear? Who knows? Main it that the soul of the people could disappear. Plastic food and worship a silly idol - not the most important accident of the future. The main loss for mankind - loss of soul both sincere and kind mutual relation. Main measured of values at all money. To the main opportunity to be becomes higher than others and to spit on them from above. The color differentiation of trousers becomes only illustration of a stratification of the people. How to avoid such development of events? The answer is not present.

To be Russian, 19 July 2005

Author: Paul A Katurov from Russian Federation

I'm not an author for the movie-comments, but this movie ask me to do so. If you ever have been in Russia at communism' time, you will recognize it from the first seconds of this movie.

It was the special life of extraordinary people. The world, where you have not to know something about your neighbor to help him and you would like to do it. In the same time the world where is no chance to be different. In the inner world each one is alone and plays own game.

This movie shows two persons, who goes to another world - the world of desolate wilderness not only in nature, but inside of soul of all people. The world, where the racial segregation accords to the color of indicator, where the public relation is the accord to color of your dress, independent to yourself. So was at that time in Russia but hidden from the press or guests. And the movie naturally shows the problems, which was usual for all people less than hi-class.

These persons wasn't try to change the whole world, but they did all they can - just help to neighbors. And they really think, that if they will help to someone - somebody will help some another. And at the rest - the circle was over - someone help 'em to back home.

I've recommend to check this movie to recognize the real problem of our world in part of human-relations, and to be ready for democracy in all spheres, where the head and the point is the alone person, which have to be free and amused.

Rustic, cryptic, unconvincing, and self-indulgent, 4 November 2005

Author: aaronpe from Northwest USA

I enjoyed the minimalism & well executed low-budget production style - costuming and props were immersing and highlights of the film. I'm a big fan of sci fi thought experiments involving encounters with exceedingly foreign cultures. Sadly, this exploration is riddled with internal inconsistencies. It asks the viewer to swallow a lot without ever delivering a good cause. I suspect that many nuances are lost on non-Russian audiences but even excusing excessive cultural references the story is vague and thinly premised.

The aliens were totally unimpressed by the sudden appearance of these strangely dressed foreigners in their midst. They can read minds deeply yet are surprised when the humans don't know their cultural subtleties. Honesty is totally unvalued yet they keep trying to make deals with one another, as if *this* time it will all work out. That's not ironic, that's annoyingly stupid. Rednecks - alien and otherwise - have been done before and better.

The humans eventually make dubiously large leaps of logic to figure out how to survive with the dangerous and treacherous aliens, yet are unusually obtuse and bull-headed most other times. "Ah, common matches are worth a thousand times their weight in gold here, and the few I have could buy a planet. I guess I'll keep lighting my cigarettes with them until they are gone." The writer repeatedly makes heavy handed points about integrity and loyalty, forcing Dyadya Vova to prove himself to no one in particular. These weak and pointless gestures serve as major plot devices throughout the film, while failing to contribute to any overall theme. Also employed for no particular reason or contribution to the plot were: time travel, time dilation, instant travel across space, Benevolent Master Race, Malevolent Master Race, specialized vocabulary, silly hats, mysterious architecture, wacky craft, goofy sound effects, and sassy women. I'd complain about the dei ex machinis, but the lack of internal logic renders that pointless.

At first it seemed to develop the aliens as depraved scum with a racist and arbitrarily brutal society in contrast to the Russians. It turns out that everyone is pathetic. There is no cause, no lesson, nor any character development. The second act ends with a suicidal giving up gesture, sucking dry the little empathy that remained for the protagonists. In the end they succeed through pure mechanism and luck despite ineptitude and consistently poor choices.

The final insult was the "It was all a dream! Or WAS it???" card played out IN FULL at the end. I can't believe that hackneyed bit is new anywhere. Perhaps I didn't "get" this turkey. It gets a few stars for the effective visuals on a budget and trying so hard to be original.

On a side note, I saw another reviewer refer to this as the "Russian Star Wars". Please - draw for me some parallels to support this, because I don't see it.

Plain soviet flick..., 16 May 2005

Author: Chris Mushkin from Berlin, Germany

The soviet state produced not so plenty of pop-oriented sci-fi films so their budged was never reasonable (they have never to be profitable). So you have to put your heroes to some coal mine or under a moving stage in a theater to "look" like they are in some strange places.

This is also the reason why such a flick reached a cult status in the soviet union. Because it's one of very few to see in this time.

The same happened with another eastern block movie. Two years earlier came "Sexmission" in Poland. It was also a comedy but, different from kin-dza-dza, it was directly portraying the pathology of the communist system.

Neither the one or the other film can be viewed today for the first time by a young viewer who never lived in the communist system and get the same level of appreciation. Sorry folks.

Hardly enjoyed, 2 January 2004

Author: Vitaly from Israel

While this movie had certainly SOMETHING so it kept me watching for 3 hours. However, eventually I was disappointed. It was hardly funny and it was far from being as smart as I was told. 6/10.
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Сообщение Господин ПЖ » 29-02, 13:49

Next opinions I found in Amazon.com:

Outstanding Russian Science Fiction!, September 1, 2004
By Zeno K. Gamble "zeno@schwag.org" (Djibouti, Africa) -

This movie was absolute entertainment for me. I purchased a Russian-only issue from an online vendor, even though my Russian vocabulary is about three words.

It didn't matter.

Starting when Dyadya pushes the button that takes him and Skripach to torrid Plyuk, I was glued to the screen. Slap your face, squat, and say "Kuh!"

(I did it a few times after watching the film.)

This film contains no shortage of inventive new situations to entertain the audience: the aristrocrat with a croaking pet human, the helicopter-like bathyscaphes that fly through the air, the honking little device played while squatting and shouting "Kuh!", and the strange underground factories inhabited by strangely dressed savages.

This certainly isn't mainstream Russian film. If it were in English, it would be way out in left field as well. I highly recommend it to anyone who tired of the "Star Wars" fare.

Next time I wander out onto the street, I'll make sure to bring my matches.


A truly amazing and overlooked film!, May 18, 2006
By Ryan A. Ward

I found out about Kin-Dza-Dza from a friend who noticed it was (at the time) #16 on the IMDB Top 50 Sci-Fi movies list. I did some research on the film and quickly discovered that virtually nobody in the western world had seen it. There were no English subtitled DVD releases, and no plans to release it anytime soon. Of course this made the movie ever more appealing and I suddely HAD to see it. I turned to my only remaining option...downloading it over the internet.

I found the movie (with fan-made English subs!) on Bittorrent, and within a week the movie had downloaded. The subtitles are great, and the movie is a treasure! If you're a fan of sci-fi or existentialism, this movie is both entertaining and philosophical. The movie is a cult sensation in Russia, akin to movies such as Donnie Darko in the US. It's really a shame that no one has made the movie available over here, because it would definitely find an audience with the proper word of mouth. Movies like this tend to publicize themselves, you just have to get people to look at them in the first place.

I think the Criterion Collection would be the perfect company to introduce this great film to the rest of the world. It's very culturally important in Russia (one of the scenes is an obvious critique of Communism that managed to make it past the censors!), and somewhat similar to Solyaris, another Russian Sci-Fi that has been put out by the collection. The Criterion Collection carries with it enough prestige to get people to take notice and give the film a shot. Plus, it'd be great to finally get some information of the movie and it's Russian influence! All the pages with ANY information are in Russian, so I don't really know anything about the history of the film. Anyway, this film is funny, smart and endearing. If you are able to get ahold of a copy of the movie, I definitely recommend it!


A must see film!!!!!, May 12, 2005
By Irina Simmons "IRA" (U.S.A.)

This movie I've watched about 15 times and I'm still can't get tired of it! It's amazing! It has very smart sence of humor and at the same time it is a drama, I really do recomend to watch this movie to anyone who likes masterpieces of russian cinematography.
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Сообщение Господин ПЖ » 11-10, 17:45

by megaskunk 4 days ago (Mon Oct 6 2008 18:50:57)

This Movie is really weird.
It makes me feel like being in a Mental Insitution. Which is not that bad

The best bit about it is definetively the Musical-Genius of the two main-character's OH MY GOD.

The one of the first two "Extra-Terrestrial" is a bit like a Russian John Cleese. Cant get away from that feel.
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Сообщение Господин ПЖ » 07-03, 13:17

Arguably, it's the best sci fi comedy ever made and yet it's also the most famous film that nobody has ever heard of! Kin Dza Dza is a giant of science fiction and near the top of all good cult sci fi classic movie lists. If you like good cult science fiction - you need to see this film!


via Бах.
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Губернатор планеты Плюк
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